Trucks & Trailers 1.00

Easy to use software designed to teach users how to maneuver trucks and trailers

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    Racing games

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.4 (285)

Gaming fans looking for a new type of simulator can practice the unique experience of parking a trailer with Trucks and Trailers.

Not every simulation game that is released is going to be a blockbuster hit, and many are actually targeted at a very specific and relatively small demographic. This includes Trucks and Trailers, which moves slightly beyond a basic trucking simulation, of which there are many titles, and focuses on the art of parking a trailer using only a large truck. While the overall game may seem bland, as a budget title it does offer a few unique features that may provide some enjoyment for those who would like to test their skill while behind the wheel of a truck.

For those who are on the hunt for a new simulator, it should be known that Trucks and Trailers is in no way a free and open world to maneuver a vehicle around. In fact, each of the missions, or challenges as the game calls them, are set in a very specific and marked-off area. Players are not going to be able to hit the open road and explore even if they wanted to, because the game mechanics prevent it. What the game does provide, however, is the chance to operate seven vehicles over the course of 50 challenges and park rather large loads in some of the most difficult ways imaginable.

For those who have never towed a load or driven a larger vehicle, the mechanics within this game will provide a sense of hectic maneuvering and a somewhat difficult challenge as the levels progress. The initial levels are as simple as backing up the truck through a set of cones, but the difficulty increases from there as the loads get larger and the parking spaces get smaller. The final levels do have a number of variables to keep in mind, as players must continuously tweak and alter their course to avoid ramming into nearby vehicles and structures. This can be accomplished by quickly moving through camera angles to detect upcoming obstacles.

With a game engine based on Truck simulator and a number of relatively interesting levels, this game falls into the lower end of the spectrum in the genre. Those who want a game with a slower pace and a few unique challenges may want to pick up this budget title for five or 10 hours of gameplay to work through the more interesting levels from start to finish.


  • Overall graphics, especially for each truck, are eye-catching
  • Unique and original idea within the genre
  • Each challenge is unique and changes between every single level


  • No options for free driving throughout the area
  • Limited variations on truck types and sizes
  • Physics can be hard for beginners

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